We are a universal accessibility consulting agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Combining elements of functional mobility, ability awareness and over 15 years in the Occupational Therapy field brings a unique perspective to creating accessible spaces.

Universal Accessibility Services


As universal accessibility consultants we collaborate with you and your team to determine the vibe and message you want to convey through your physical space and enable improvements to happen seamlessly.

four people chatting with one leaning against a desk, one sitting in a manual wheelchair, one sitting in a desk chair and one person standing behind the desk chair


A unique overview of your physical space is developed, summarizing the interior and exterior design features, including sensory elements. An evaluation report with suggestions for improvements will be provided to your team. Improvements vary from layout adjustments to structural changes.

Training & Education

Staff and customer experiences are enhanced by providing resources and data to improve your team’s awareness of visible and non-visible disabilities. Improving employee’s knowledge of accessibility and inclusion will optimize your space for all and transition first time customers to regulars.

close up side view of a wheelchair user's right arm pushing themself down a long hallway