Universal accessibility is within reach.

Universal accessibility refers to the modification or removal of physical and sensory barriers for people with visible and non-visible disabilities.

Universal accessibility optimizes the experience of your business for clients, employees and your whole community.

  • Widen your customer base.
  • Increase your sales.
  • Set yourself apart as a business that values inclusion.
interior shot of a bright meeting space with wheel chair accessible white tables and wide, low, brown chairs

Why work with us?

  • Learn the difference between accessible and universally accessible
  • Audit physical spaces as well as marketing and product strategy
  • Evidence-based suggestions to improve the “vibe” of the interior and exterior
  • Equip staff to service customers of all abilities
  • Determine enhancements unique to your values, budget and long term growth plans

Scher Spaces will help you achieve accessibility for EVERYONE.

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